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Five star court reporting service in Texas – Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio - and everywhere in between.

Full-Service Court Reporting and Video Firm Provides Highly Experienced and Nationally Certified Court Reporters in All Major Cities Across Texas – Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio

Successful litigation attorneys are known for fighting tirelessly for clients; every detail counts when it comes to building a winning case. This is especially true when it comes to conducting depositions or arbitrations where an accurate and complete record is critical for the successful outcome of your case.

Finding a great court reporter in a new city presents a common challenge for attorneys traveling outside their normal practice area. You want a court reporter who will be there early, set up, prepared and ready to go as long as the job lasts. You need a reporter who uses up-to-date software and understands all the ins and outs of litigation-related technology.

At Five Star Court Reporting, we take the guesswork out of destination depositions in Dallas, and all of Texas. If your legal practice brings you to Texas, Five Star Court Reporting is ready to support all your litigation needs. When you choose to work with us, you’ll get the full Five Star service from the first phone call all the way to the delivery of your final work product and every step in between.

Five Star Court Reporting: How Can We Help?

With Five Star Court Reporting, attorneys can relax and focus on their own job, knowing their Texas team has the court reporting and video all taken care of. With one phone call or online submission of our easy to use scheduling form, you can reserve one of our certified reporters as well as one of our beautiful state-of-the art onsite conference rooms that are provided at no additional fee. We also have additional conference rooms or meeting space onsite if you need a quiet place to prepare or consult with your client prior to the deposition or arbitration.

Call today and find out more about Five Star Court Reporting’s:

  • Certified court reporters
  • Legal videographers
  • Conference rooms
  • Skype-enabled video depositions
  • Exhibit printing or pre-depo preparation
  • Translators
  • Online Case Management, including easy
  • 24/7 document accessibility

As always, you can expect fast, efficient turnaround and full online access to all your documents.

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Five star service in Texas – Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio - and everywhere in between.

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Certified Court Reporters

We are dedicated to the quality, accuracy and timeliness of every transcript. Only Texas certified and nationally certified court reporters with many years of reporting are employed by Five Star Court Reporting.

Skype-Enabled Video Deps

Many of our conference rooms are enabled with Smart TVs that enable you or someone from your team to attend the deposition without the cost and time of traveling to our state. We do a test call the day prior to every SKYPE-deposition to ensure it goes out without a hitch. A reporter is always present in our conference room with the witness but your attendance in person is optional.

Legal Videographers

We work only with nationally certified legal videographers with many years of experience. We can provide you with any type of final product that your team back home needs. We can send you the video file electronically using the latest technology.

Online Case Management

Do you have a case that involves lots of previous transcripts and exhibits and you need access to them while you travel around the country? No problem! We can add any files you will need to our online web-based repository that is available to you anywhere 24/7. No need to haul or ship exhibits in big boxes from one city to another.

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Need to Travel to Texas for a Deposition or other Legal Business? Leave the Stress Behind; Contact Five Star Court Reporting Today

Texas is a big state and covers a lot of geography. When you schedule your depositions and arbitrations in Dallas, Houston, or anywhere in Texas with Five Star Court Reporting, we will make you feel right at home. We handle everything for you by eliminating the guesswork of destination depositions anywhere in Texas. Contact Five Star Court Reporting today for a rate sheet so you can anticipate what your deposition and video costs will be.

Five Star Service in Texas – Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio – and Everywhere in Between

You can arrange your next deposition in less than a minute by filling out our easy booking form with the requested information. One of our team members will begin scheduling your assignment immediately and respond back with a confirmation as well as a Five Star Rate Sheet. If you prefer to speak with one of our team members, please call us toll-free at 866-487-9683 with any questions.

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